This site features original works by Penelope Nicholas, author and artist, residing in Lowell, Massachusetts. Penelope invites you to browse the site, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit and comment on her Blog at “Just A Senior And Her Blog,” or visit her on Facebook. She will be happy to respond to your inquiries regarding her work or her site in general.


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Children’s Books:


Needles, The Green PorcupineNeedles, The Green Porcupine (Now Available)
-all Needles wanted was to befriend the other animals in the forest. He became more than a friend, he became their Hero.


Oshanna Blue
– an adventure story of a little girl who lives in Hawaii and becomes friends with a big black crow.


Tapper Dan, Angel on Cloud 9
– a story of an Angel who takes different forms to help a young boy who was lost in the forest.


Tapper Dan and Swatzie the Thief
– a story of the Angel who helps a thief change his ways.


Princess Julianna and Snowflake
– a story about a princess who learns much about herself and her future destiny after she receives a big white bird as a birthday gift from her father, the King.


Saving Kitso, Our Cat
-a story about how this little kitten escaped the clutches of an ignorant and cruel little boy and won over the hearts of its new caretakers.

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“Cha-Ching! A Medical Nightmare!”

-is available both in Softcover and for immediate download through Amazon’s Kindle. This book outlines the trials and tribulations of medical diagnosis and the lack of common sense.


“Antonios, An American Immigrant I Remember”

is based on the true story of Penelope’s immigrant parents who came from Greece and Cyprus and settled in Lowell, Massachusetts to live their American dream. In this classic story, there is a connection that grips all immigrants, and those who were born to immigrants, who will relate to this story.


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The Alpha Star of Poetry, Book 1


Works include:

  • Pearl Harbor
  • Bottles in the Street
  • Remembrance
  • A Poet’s Prayer
  • Oh! Beautiful Lilac Tree
  • The Gift
  • My Angel Mother

…and many more!  Twenty poems in all and now available through Amazon’s Kindle.

The Alpha Star of Poetry, Book 2 (Coming Soon)

Works include:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The Love of Writing
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes
  • The Star of Christmas
  • The Bells of Christmas
  • The Legacy Never Dies

…and many more special Holidays, remembrances, patriotic themes, and poems about everyday life. There are 22 in all and all vintage. These poems make any Special Day Gifts truly unique!

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Original Art & Drawings Include:

Grecian Warriors Oil Paintings:

Grecian Warriors


Shadows, Original Oil by Penelope Nicholas Oil Paintings

Contemporary Art


Original Drawings:

  • Oshanna Blue
  • Tapper Dan, Angel on Cloud 9
  • Tapper Dan and Swatzie the Thief (Coming Soon)
  • Princess Julianna & Snowflake


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