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Poetry by Penelope:


Poems by Penelope are poems written from the heart. As you read her poems, you will get the feeling that you’re viewing the events through a window, past events like “Pearl Harbor” and the men on the Arizona, more recent events like “Churchill the Whale,” who fought the gallant fight for life, and “The Day America was Attacked.”

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Penelope has written a variety of Valentine’s Day Poems, Mother’s Day Poems, Christmas Day Poems, and Patriotic Poems. She also has a selection of Children’s books and books on life in general.


Framed Poem by Penelope NicholasList of Poems by Penelope:


Anniversaries & Valentine’s Day:
25 Years
The Love One has for the Other


January Born
A Child’s Sixth Birthday


Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes
Bells of Christmas
The Star of Christmas


God Parents:
God Parents for Life


An American Immigrant I Remember


For Mothers:
Angel Mother


The Fight for Life of a Whale Named Churchill


The Day America was Attacked
Pearl Harbor
For Ever and Ever More
In a Moment of Silence


When Leaves Turn to Color
The Lilac Tree


Miscellaneous: Remembrance
A Writer’s hope to be discovered
A Dream Came True
The Love of Writing
Bottles on the Street


As you can see, Penelope has written about a variety of topics including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, and many more special Holidays, remembrances, patriotic themes, and everyday life. These poems make any Special Day Gifts truly unique!


As of now, her first Book of Poetry, “The Alpha Star of Poetry, Book 1,” is available now, for immediate download, through Amazon’s Kindle.

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